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Sleep apnea is an enormously under-serviced area of dentistry, with only a scattering of dentists actually providing this service on a regular basis. Until recently, I was one of two dentists in our entire corner of the province providing this service. 22 million people in the US suffer from sleep apnea and only a fraction are being treated. The AASM state up to 25 million people are at risk of OSA in the USA! These numbers cannot and should not be ignored when dentistry is in the unique position to offer effective treatments.


Sleep-Related Bruxism:

Sleep-related bruxism, as a dental field of treatment, is completely untapped. Dental schools are currently not teaching about this common disorder and dentists continue to fabricate upper or lower nightguards that are of little to no use in treating this disorder. This disorder affects 10-12% of the population (the numbers vary wildly up to 33% but the consensus is that 10-12% are affected). This translates into 32 million people conservatively. With the latest research linking sleep-related bruxism to cardiovascular disease, this is a very serious disorder. Considering the damage that sleep-related bruxism causes to the dentition, TMJ, musculature, etc., it is astounding how this condition is being ignored by dentists and dental schools.

The Luco Hybrid device brings to dentistry and dental laboratories an excellent opportunity to tap into this field of care affecting this large part of the adult population.


We are currently licensing dental laboratories to manufacture the Luco Hybrid device. Dr. Luco is available to lecture about these disorders in your region to help train new dentists in this field. He has presented internationally on this subject.

If you are a dental lab looking to move into sleep apnea/sleep-related bruxism appliances or already have a lineup and are looking to expand, please complete the form at the bottom of this page and one of our representatives will contact you with more information.

Some of the advantages of licensing include:

  • Establishing yourself as a leader in your area by offering treatment of sleep-related bruxism/sleep apnea/snoring  with the Luco Hybrid Device
  • Gaining more clients as dentists begin using this device
  • Benefit from Dr. Luco’s expertise in these fields
  • Expanding your lab services to include this device
  • Providing webinars by Dr. Luco on these conditions to clients in your region

It is important to note the Luco Hybrid is not just another OSA appliance. It has two FDA clearances: one for medical treatment and one for dental treatment of sleep-related bruxism, making it a true hybrid and in a class of its own.

K130797   For the treatment of sleep apnea and snoring in adults

K160477   For the treatment of sleep bruxism and to aid in the treatment of associated tension/migraine headaches

The first, K130797, is medical and requires the oversight of a medical doctor, usually following an overnight sleep study.

The second, K160477, is dental and any dentist with training in this field is allowed to make this device without medical oversight.

The Luco Hybrid device is classified as a type 2 medical/dental device by the FDA.

The Luco Hybrid is only the second FDA-cleared dental treatment of migraine headaches after the  NTI appliance K010876, in 2001.

It is the only dental appliance clinically proven to reduce the Trigeminal Cardiac Reflex increase in heart rate and blood pressure (and risk of hypertension and heart disease) associated with sleep-related bruxism.

The Luco Hybrid is also registered in Canada, the USA, European Union, and the United Kingdom and is available for licensing in these regions as well.

For more information on this advanced treatment, please complete the following form and a representative will contact you with more information.